I Finally Got to See One of Force Video!

One of my subtle favorite things in idol is when you stop paying attention to a project, or it goes quiet for a long-ass while, and then you’re randomly looking for hilarious dank memes some random afternoon and … wait, those two girls look familiar, but that’s not what I know them from. What the heck is going on?

That’s One of Force (Twitter), who you may remember as Atelier di Marionette, who had that one pretty cool song but always seemed to struggle to break out in the weirder-venued corners of the Osaka scene.

I only ever got to call out this switcheroo once, whereupon I half-heartedly looked for some video a few times, just wondering what the new entity was doing with itself. As it turns out, it’s idorock, and that’s a-okay.

Here’s a full live:

One of Force’s manager-san seems pretty content to play it light and cool with this project (they’re in high school, so, fine), but I’d like to see where it goes. There’s no need to switch up your whole angle without changing members unless you’re trying to do something that might meet a little more success, so good luck to them.