I Finally Get to Honor Amina du Jean

I’m genuinely late to the party (or, I guess, talking about the party), but I didn’t want to let any more time slip away before calling out a person who probably doesn’t realize that she taught me a hell of a lot over the past couple of years, and whose perspective on idol (from the big to the little) has always been an important one to have around. I failed to come back around on the release of her post-idol record, but here’s Detroit’s own Amina du Jean and … I mean, it’s called “Seppuku”, why do you think I’m dedicating a post to it?

You can listen to the whole thing, basically, and also should buy it:

Here’s a great feature on the EP, from when it was totally fresh.

Aminyan’s kind of idol-retired now, so I get to say it without being a cloying weirdo: I always found her as inspiring as she is witty, and I’m glad that her moving on with her life’s work doesn’t mean that she’s out of view. You don’t have to agree with her to enjoy her Twitter feed, which can get almost to the point of performance art itself.

Keep being one of my favorite things in this wacky world, Amina.