I eye AYEAYE. Aye, I like them verrry much.

All over Japan there are young women doing idol performances for enthusiastic local wota, however we here in the wider world rarely get to hear of the acts outside of the Tokyo and Osaka scenes. Unless they decide to make an MV to show the world what they are all about.

So welcome Sapporo’s AYEAYE (Website | Twitter), a thirteen (or possibly even seventeen?) strong idol group whose Twitter has been around since 2014 but have only just released their first single. It may disappoint some to know that they are not a pirate-themed unit performing sea-shanty influenced metal or something – my guess is that they are named after the perpetually surprised-looking lemur species – but there’s a lot to love about this catchy little tune, driven by dark, brooding guitar with alternately smiling and glowering young ladies chanting over the top of it.

Aye aye aye my life until I die.

That’s “AYEAYE”, their self-titled debut single which, frustratingly for us outside Japan and even outside Hokkaido, is only available on the uniquely Japanese MCARD format in a choice of ten versions that you can only buy at their concerts *sigh*.  And just to prove they’re not a fluffy tradol outfit enjoying a one-time flirtation with rawk, here’s their noisy intro music, which seems to be the only other thing we can listen to at the moment.

Shiver me timbers, Aye Aye hope to see more of them!