I Don’t Like When Idols I Like Go Away: MMM’s Nao Is Off

John on the case of a graduation announcement that gave me real-deal sads: Nao, who re-filled out Malcolm Mask McLaren when she joined about a year and a half ago is hanging ’em up. Reasons etc. on John’s site.

Why I liked Nao? Just something about how she looked when she stepped into the group way back when “ROX” was new. The punch she added to an already powerful duo. The somewhat awkward cool. I dunno. I liked her. And now I’ll miss her.

Last month we had what seemed like a mini exodus of idols from the scene, you all remember that podcast right? Last week was sort of the opposite, announcements of new members all over the place. Well, Malcolm Mask McLaren just couldn’t do things like everyone else. They had to wait to do their announcement.

via Malcolm Mask McLaren – Nao To Graduate — Straight From Japan

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like When Idols I Like Go Away: MMM’s Nao Is Off

  1. i like their music but i’m not too much into them, nao whas the one who wears cap in some performances?

  2. I am truly saddened to see Nao go as MMM is one of my favorite idol groups, but wish her good health and luck in the future!

    • Right there with you! I really thought this was the trio that would take MMM to the next level, especially after such an excellent album! Nao wasn’t my fav, but she will truly be missed! Good Luck to her, health and otherwise! 🙂

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