I Don’t Know Why You’d Need Any Other Reason to Buy Ishido Natsumi’s New Single

While we’re on a little run of less well-known idols doing great work, let’s pause for a second and take another look at Ishido Natsumi, who I will maintain is not only cool and good, but also one of the least appreciated vocalists in idol, period; this is a preview for her upcoming single, dropping tomorrow:

“Choice the Happiness” is just the latest. Everything she does is bad as hell.

Look at this art:

I wish Natsumi could get more attention. I’d blame her company, but I’m not sure that it’s an M-Infinity thing so much as it is the overall idol universe being blah on solo idols and the underground being something that you have to very consciously want to leave; if everybody involved with Natsumi is happy, then so be it. Just, you know, give credit where it’s due and stuff.