I Don’t Know What to Write about This MAD JAMIE MV but Feel Kind of Obligated to Do Something with It So Here

I meant what I said and all, but damn if it doesn’t feel like a stretch to try to build some kind of halfway-useful commentary around every little thing that every dang idol project does all the time. Sometimes a thing is just a thing! A song can just be a song and taken on its own merits without tortured references to other acts; sometimes an MV is just a fun and creative multimedia way to get more content out to the world (and maybe earn a bit of money from views). And really, MAD JAMIE here is still in that growth phase when Uncle Moneybags behind them is going to make things happen anyway, what else do we need to talk about?

Actually two things: I can totally see this song being quirky-cult-summer-single popular in like 1999, and also I have this somewhat uncomfortable remembrance of DEEP GIRL all of a sudden. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen and instead congratulate MAD JAMIE on doing another thing in a likeable way!

Enjoy this promo clip as well: