I Don’t Always Use Dailymotion, But When I Do, It’s for Idol Subs

If you’re a regular in the Idolmetal group on Facebook, you’ve probably seen subtitled videos popping up recently. What a gift! Not only do the subs include romaji, but translated English, and for songs that you may have always wanted to know what the hell they’re about.

For instance, here’s a list of BiSH videos (live and not) with said public service, by poleosis, right at your fingertips:

You may need to turn on closed captioning

This is important work, by the way. Not just for us, but for showing the multitudes that aren’t yet fans of the hard side of idols that you can get good, meaningful songwriting from idols, and the big emotional crescendos in the music are usually there for a reason more impactful than I-love-you-so-much-baby (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

So give poleosis a Dailymotion follow. There’s much more than BiSH there! Yeah, the platform’s kind of a pain, but it’s a safer place for stuff that YouTube would otherwise shut down due to copyright protection, and it’s a definite go-to if you’re looking for videos that you think should exist but don’t turn up in Google results unless you crawl all the way to the bottom of the barrel.