I Come Bearing Oyasumi Hologram

I referenced the coffee shoppiest idols of them all in the forums the other day and remembering that they guested at the Ladybaby reboot, and that made me wonder what Oyasumi Hologram is up to these days. Turns out, they may not be at JAM or any of the other major fests, but they’re keeping busy right at home.

Also, because I like you, here’s some cute fan art:

2 thoughts on “I Come Bearing Oyasumi Hologram

  1. Oyasumi Hologram is putting out two vinyls with brand new remixes on the same “Record Day” that GusoDrop is releasing that Live recording. http://レコードの日.jp – It almost goes without saying, but the remixes are by Have a Nice Day! and VMO 😀
    They seem to perform every night, but it’s disproportionately hard to find (English) news about the group. Kyanamiru’s got a side project with their producer/manager guy called “We Speak Your Words”
    Hachigatsu-Chan’s got 3 tumblr accounts but most of her activity seems to involve her beanie babies :3
    Some loose threads I haven’t heard more about: A remaster of their OYSM album should be out by now, and somebody was going to make a porn parody of their ski trip :\

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