I Can Live with This Kind of Graduation

It’s been a real joy to see There There Theres — the continuation of the absolutely sublime Bellring Girls Heart — continue to develop and shine since their don’t-call-it-a-resurrection a few months ago. But legacies die hard, and TTTs/BRGH has always had a bit of a revolving door when it comes to members, and … well, it didn’t take long.

The first/latest is Saeki, one of the new-new members, who found that she wanted to freelance just a little too much for Tanaka’s liking.

This post and this post — from the very good and very active Dark Nest group on Facebook that covers all things TTTs/MIGMA SHELTER/CLOCK & BOTAN — spell it out.

I never like when members of the Aqbi Rec family have trouble, because just about everything that Tanaka-san touches is good, but I do like that there can be honesty and a mutually mature resolution to creative differences in idol (as opposed to “illness” or “family” or “broke the rules by not going to the hospital“). I also like that there can be creative differences, that (some) idols have (some) opportunities to actually have creative differences, and that those things can be talked about openly and publicly.

So boo, but good. But mostly boo.

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