I Can DieDieDie Happy

Chika idol has a lot of room for a lot of things, and it’s possible that no project has grasped that flexibility quite as well as DAIDAIDAI, the DEMON TAPES-generated Osaka (of course) underground electro-pain merchants who’ve built out, built up and built strong the sonic legacy founded by PSYBOU KANOJO. Now approaching their third anniversary, the group has been incredibly steady — more on the music front than membership, but this is idol — while reaching for all manner of sounds and influences and visuals to keep every person who’d encounter them on their toes.

Speaking of membership, there is that (future) mass departure to acknowledge, but also a new single that we are now, friends, so lucky as to have it appear in our lives. I think this is what happens when a composer and producer get together to brain up a summer single for an idolcore group. Soak it in!

It’s not my absolute favorite thing they’ve ever done (this will always be that), but I can see why it might be somebody else’s. What a cacophony. It’s like mathcore as EDM for a pleasant afternoon stroll through gardens. It’s the truest devil’s music, because it seduces with wiles and guile rather than brute force. Playing it backwards reveals a subliminal tune of all the children of the world having joined hands to sing have a Coke together.

The cover art is something else, too:

Or I hope it’s the cover art and not just some wild-ass visual representation

This is the second track! “PIRANHA” isn’t even on here! There might be another MV! We have less than a month! Hold me!