I Can Barely Handle This Tuesday WTF

I offer you this with the caveat, friends, that it’s not in the normal wheelhouse around these parts, but Tuesday is our set-aside time for the genuinely weird parts of idol, no matter who contributes them. There’s a lot of strange coming down the pipe today, but I think this tops it all:

Pure Idol Heart with the share

That’s NERFY GUINER BIEBER, a sort-of subunit thing of Cheeky Parade’s (who, remember, contribute a member to NATASHA, too).

I can’t even wrap my head around this when I watch it. What’s with the outfits? The dance? The incredible editing? I feel like I’m back in 2000 and Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott are making impossibly visual-centric music videos.

What a world.

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