I Bet ayumikurikamaki’s Latest Is Great; If Only We Could See It

H/t to Phillter for pointing out that ayukuma released the video for their upcoming single today; thumbs down to whoever decided to publish the thing without availability in the United States or EU. But if you can see and hear, I bet it’s pretty good!

Somebody will have a torrent available later, I’m sure; I’ll add if/when I can; you can also view on Facebook

Is it this song?

What actually caught my eye was the mention of wanting 1 million views for the sucker. Does it warrant that? I DON’T KNOW YET. And I bet that it’s going to be a harder row to hoe without being able to get views from abroad!

But this should be a good year for the erstwhile bear children cursed to wander the world in human form.

Update: Finally listened! Damn, that’s a fun song. It’s not “JET KUMA STAR,” but nothing is, really. I approve, AKM!

7 thoughts on “I Bet ayumikurikamaki’s Latest Is Great; If Only We Could See It

  1. It’s even blocked for the northern vikings. But using VPN it’s no problem 🙂

    Anyway… so many good releases this month. Are we getting spoiled? Are we going to survive this month in case there is more coming? 😀

    • We’ve had incredible gluts happen before, but we’re also just starting release season, and then graduations start up with abandon in a little over a month, and then the summer stuff … never a dull moment!

      • I bet it will be a interesting year this year. I never could suspected that the new idol scene in Japan would be the most innovative and interesting place for exciting music discoveries. I guess one already got the feeling of it with BiS back in time and when Babymetal Headbanger was released. Well Japan had always a interesting music scene with progress and innovation. Been already mesmerized a long time ago. But as it now also happens with idol, it gives it a unique combination and as it is breaking through the underground is very promising. What I like the most is that one can’t really know whats coming next. I’m looking forward to be surprised 🙂

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