I Am Intrigued by This New One from HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI

A conversation with Krv the other day got me wondering about soon-to-be-former Guso Drop sister group HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, who hadn’t added anything to Soundcloud in a while and seem to fly below the radar more than they should, possibly just on account of the tumult around A-minor, still being pretty new, etc.

I didn’t actually follow up on the thought right away; rather, Twitter made the connection for me:

Gee, that’s a nice song. I wonder what it’s about — the last time Himegoto put out a nice-sounding song, it turned out to be not nice at all! If only there were a way to tell–

Have at it, amigos. I’m going to wager that “Doki Doki Morning” this ain’t; not only is there precedent, but this is Daichi’s final ride as a manager, and I can’t imagine that his sense of humor and appreciation for darker lyrical corners have left him just because he’s making a new career move.

Now watch it not be new and I’m an idiot as usual