Hurry up and Get in on NATASHA’s ‘VOLCANO’

In case you missed it live over the weekend or just really want to hear the latest from the Avex idols’ supergroup, they added it to Soundcloud just now … for 24 hours. I’ll have to back it up later. In the meantime, enjoy:

So, your take?

I kind of gleefully twisted the knife in the TIF Aftermath post, but I want to make clear that I was referring to the on-stage appearance as much as anything — I’d heard the set exactly once, in passing, and had a gut reaction that didn’t have much to do with the music.

In the case of actually getting a clean listen to “VOLCANO” now, I’m not trying to anoint it as a seminal track in the history of idol rock or anything, but it is better than I’d given it credit for. Chitti was much better cast this time around, and the divaing is kept under nominal control — emotional and stuff without reducing to a shouting contest. Though, truth be told, that was also part of why I liked NATASHA in the first place, so weird.

2 thoughts on “Hurry up and Get in on NATASHA’s ‘VOLCANO’

  1. It’s OK, in fact it’s pretty good. But I want to hear more overblown ridiculous stuff like “Justice in the Sky”, not BiSH outtakes. I long to hear them do “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

  2. Freakin fantastic. I already played it over 10 times while working on stuff. I think this song adheres to each individual girl’s vocal talent and strengths and brings them together cohesively. I love Chitti on this. She sounds so damn incredible here. The dubs are on point. The part after the guitar solo where you hear the power bass and the kick drum then they come back in with the hook aggressively, holy shit man. If they were actually a steady group and had time and repetition to perfect this song for a live performance it would be insane.

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