How Many Members of yandoll Are Left?

So do you guys remember how yandoll launched a potentially misguided campaign to sell 5,000 copies of their album, with one available per member, and whoever’s sold the fewest would be fired from the group?

At last check-in, they were off the pace, but the various incentives (buy enough and you get to take the girls to Disney! etc.!) gave some hope to the goal and the overall intent to keep the group together.

The deadline was Saturday. Did they make it?

I’ll be damned.

By some crazy-ass miracle (or a total fudging of the sales figures), they met the goal and will be holding a free one-man to celebrate.

So I can fill up the space a little bit, they’re also still in the running with Tokyo Candoll, which just feels cruel at this point because there’s basically no way that they make it, but maybe some of the same magic will go their way for this, too.

Here’s their most recent set for it:

Supporting idols like yandoll is good; supporting projects to celebrate them isn’t actually any better, but I needed some way to make it sound good and fun to be a patron of!