How Is Kaqriyo Terror Architect So Good?

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曖昧妄言うぉーあいにー(にー) 幸い正念場ふぁいてぃん
あっちもこっちもそっちもどっちも 行ったり来たりの Don’t Shiny!
まだ足りない 猿あいあい 愛嬌振り撒く女子ぱいぱい(ぴー
どんどんどんだけ魔性になりまっしょうっ 惚れた腫れたで殺虫剤(しゅー
面白おかしく攻めるのかい セクシャル全開なの? どうだい?
あーうーざい めんどくさい 色々考えたら問題
だらけだらけだらけだらけだらけなの 不適合だす恋愛愛

アダムとイブのその昔からミス 男と女盛り上がったらKiss(きゃーきゃー
ちょめちょめっちょめ chomechome chome
禁断の果実食べたくなる雌 いけないことなんです? わからない押忍!

摩訶不思議 ヤらかし気味 あわやわや テロル 誤魔化しなし
哀愁のヒトゲノム ヤらかし済み 墓場から メロス 走ると泣く ちらリズム

バースTWO あっという間NEW あるある三昧Kill the Cool
人は下衆? 君ハデス? 心乱れてる未知のHELL?
中身ないまんま終わりそうでげす。惹かれたもん負け わたしDEATH

おんなのこののうみそなかみ ぴんくいろのこむぎこひらり
ひょんなことでせかいはかわり やんでみてもおもいでぽろり

摩訶不思議 妖好き あわやわや テロル 誤魔化しなし
愛憎の非モテ属 ヤらかし済み 頭ん中 エロス ムズムズする ちらリズム

たぶん 夢心地ノリ 気持ちいいとこ ぺろり
そんなミュージック 体験して!

摩訶不思議 ヤらかし気味 あわやわや テロル 誤魔化しなし
哀愁のヒトゲノム ヤらかし済み 墓場から メロス 走ると泣く ちらリズム

It’s a special moment when a Codomomental artist has a song written by somebody from outside of the family, but here you go:

One of those people is named George

Now, I originally titled this post the way that I did because I wanted to pun on the whole “mysterious” thing, but then I realized that the track offers a neat opportunity to dig into why this particular unit, with a definite scenesters’ pedigree but not much else, manages to resonate so hard with people. Yeah, the compositions and all-over-the-place influences and general dark feeling are really cool — I wouldn’t be surprised to have KTA eventually seize the company’s #2 spot from Tsurezure fairly soon, which is no insult to my girls at all — but I think it largely comes down to the composition of the group.

A lot of the time, idols default to a very particular vocal range and style, and it’s in the little solo moments that you have to pick out the talents of any particular member. When an individual has a uniquely quality or low-pitched or fuller or more powerful or whatever voice, they tend to stick out like sore thumbs. Kaqriyo, though, has this really nice three-way vocal balance that just plain sounds different, low to high. It even holds when the members break out into their solo lines, following and overlapping each other. It really works for them.

Cultural Mixing can’t get here soon enough.

2 thoughts on “How Is Kaqriyo Terror Architect So Good?

  1. I’ve no idea exactly how, but I’m totally with you in this Kaqriyo hype. Each of their teaser songs thus far has been able to leave a strong ”over average” impression. They’ve got the charm.

    • Because they’re still in that stage of Codomomental existence in which there is almost negative zero live footage of them, I’m left wondering if they play it straight, if they’re huge weirdos, etc., and that just ups the intrigue factor. Also I shook Nonamer’s hand when she was Nayuta, and I treasure that moment so much.

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