How Hard Can We Troll the Troll?



tl;dr: Let’s collaborate on how we can meet Watanabe’s usual floor to make something real and get SiS to 10,000 Twitter followers; chime in here.

The idea struck me because I’ve been checking out SiS on Twitter every day or so, just to see if there’s anything interesting in the people following, number of followers/followed, etc. (there is not). While the BiS sister/rivals were officially scuttled mere hours after finishing their debut live, nobody’s really buying that, and now things mostly feel like a sick kind of waiting game between Watanabe Junnosuke’s desire to string people along and those same people’s willingness to put up with his shit. And, unfortunately, Junnosuke’s the one with all the power here. It’s literally the world’s worst ever game of Chicken.

So let’s call his bluff! Going back to when BiSH was first put together, the members wouldn’t be revealed until they each had 10,000 followers on Twitter. The same was done with The Artists Formerly Known as POP and Also Pla2me. When Ayuni D joined BiSH, she was held to the same standard, only for Watanabe to move the goalposts to 15,000 because the fan response was stronger than he anticipated.

We know what SiS is on Twitter (still a living account for a supposedly dead group). We think we know what the allegedly former members’ membership accounts are:

So let’s see what happens if we’re able to get SiS the additional 6,000 followers to get to 10,000, and maybe additionally get the members to some other arbitrary number (5,000?) that would make the interest apparent. I mean, Junnosuke and/or Shimizu could very easily decide that now they’ll definitely keep SiS on ice, but what would be the point?

Anyway, it’s one thing to make a call to do a thing, and quite another to do that thing. So what’s the plan?

I don’t know! I have my share of organizing experience, but you may have noticed that I only have so many Twitter followers myself. So let’s crowdsource this sucker and see if we can’t put our heads together for the right way to do things, like recruit a shitload of Japanese BiS fans or raise money to buy SiS followers (which is part of the reason that Junnosuke said that he moved the goal for Ayuni D, and maybe that’s true, but whatevs).

I just put this thread in the forums. These forums are a little inelegant, but hopefully we’ll be able to respond to each other in a concentrated place and keep things together. I’d like to formally kick off #OperationCatchySiSName in the next few days (presuming that this stupid ish doesn’t resolve itself before then), so please try to get your ideas out in the open and into discussion ASAP. Just beware that making a suggestion may be as good as signing up to lead on that, whatever it is.

And maybe nothing comes of this! Maybe we can’t agree on anything good, maybe whatever we do decide to do doesn’t work at all, maybe maybe maybe. But it’s worth a try, and should at least be fun in the doing, no? At the very least, we can annoy the crap out of Junnosuke.

What we’re fighting for:

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  2. I don’t know the extent of Watanabe’s involvement in SiS, (or Gang Parade for that matter), but he’s our only entry point for WACK. Or if not, he’s the most deserving of a bit of friendly trolling 😛

  3. Obviously passing this on to the Facebook groups’ll help, but what we really need to do is work out how to get the Japanese fans involved. Anyone got any contacts?

  4. I see you talkin’ smack about me on the forums while I’m at work, away from my forum login! I think we may all have different goals here; It would be nice to get some answers, and nicer still to have SiS reunite, but I was just thinking we’d organize some kind of stunt to show our support, and then maybe somebody at WACK would take notice and get a smirk out of it. Maybe the restless ghosts of SiS could finally cross over to the underworld if we offered closure in the form of a bunch of Twitter follows 😛

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