I know that I’d seen some of you all talking about this cool little project on Facebook at some point, and then they popped up again a few weeks ago and I’d been meaning to them anyway, and this is as good a time as any.

So! KIRAKIRA GERIRA (Twitter). I think the covert art from their first single sums things up pretty well:

What do they sound like?

Even this short video gets violent

I’m actually partial to this nice little dose of ska parts among the idol:

“hate otaku; death is favorite phrase” sure!

KKG’s pretty cool, to be honest. Take a stroll through their Twitter feed for their performance schedule — lots of stuff we already know we like. And they’re actually releasing stuff! And that video, even just a short version, it’s an actual MV. May you go places, KKG.

Anyway, I’ve been promising lots of new/unfamiliar stuff, and now it’s time to reap. I’m all about this.

4 thoughts on “How Do You Guys Like KIRAKIRA GERIRA?

  1. I love Kirakira Gerira so much… I’ve written an article about them on my french Idol blog and if it was just me I would use all my energy to make other people like them. Needless to say your article cheers me up.
    They released three songs on a compilation from the project they belong to (along with idol groups kaguya, merry merli and through skills) in addition to their two first singles and I recommend you to check these tracks if you can

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