How Did I Miss the New You’ll Melt More! EP?

Gee whiz, you guys, have been asleep at the wheel or something? Why didn’t somebody wake me up? “Hey Maniac, one of your favorite things is doing a thing and OMG WAKE UP YOU’RE DRIVING INTO A–”

Good times.

Anyhow, having seen the very cool promo art (see banner!), plus some additional tweets from the members that referenced things I did not understand*, I finally followed through and —

— oh em gee!

Beware the Ides of March, indeed, for on that day not only was Caesar stabbed a bunch of times by his friends, but You’ll Melt More! will release their Loneliness and Counterattack EP … EP, and I really wanted the title to be more like how it was first translated and actually be The Lonely Strike Back but I guess this’ll do. It sounds great! Back to the Literature and Destroy style of titling.

That also puts us about a week away from when they’ll probably be releasing video and teasers and stuff. I am much pleased.

*This happens multiple times per day

3 thoughts on “How Did I Miss the New You’ll Melt More! EP?

  1. I tried to add this to the calendar but the submit button just kept a’spinning. Then I whispered about it into the void on the Idol is Shit discord and forgot to tell you.
    Ylmlm’s riding oh so high right now. I’m really excited to see what they do next.

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