How about Some Avandoned to Make Your Friday Go?

I had the stupidest damn day yesterday (well, after the BiS thing), and I’d really like to have a nice Friday. Being the generous sort, I’d like for you to have a nice Friday, too! Fortunately, the coolest twee girls in idol (aka, Avandoned) posted a full show while I was busy doing a bunch of dumb stuff that I didn’t want to do (yesterday), and now let’s all just enjoy it together.

Also, two cool things that I recently learned about Avandoned:

  1. They’re a little less indie now, having moved on to management by the same company as … JyuJyu. Perfectly congruous!
  2. Beni is a very funny person.

Man. Can somebody just up and give me all the money in the world already? I don’t give a crap about being stupid-crazy rich, but I could do things like bring awesome idols to perform at a backyard party, or maybe just hire Necroma to run Halloween at Maniac Mansion.