How about Girl Mannequin for Friday the 13th?

I’m going to be honest with you guys: Despite being fairly able to dredge up some incredibly messed-up stuff here and there, I felt totally out of ideas when it came to doing something special for today. Oshi Digest will, of course, happen, but Sari’s a living nightmare whose blackness infests every second of every day, period; to try to pretend like this is some special exception would just be insulting.*

Languishing in my own self-imposed hell, feeling like to do nothing would be worse than any one thing that I could do, I was all set to nip the Fun in favor of something else when Luis (you remarkable human!) not only saved the day, but finally gave me an excuse to dredge from the hell that is the drafts queue something genuinely disturbing:

That, friends, is Girl Mannequin, and thank all the gods of light and dark for it.

I like it says drum & bass, completely ignoring the truly impressive amounts of chiptune and LSD that are pumped in equal measure into the music:

Go follow them on Soundcloud and Twitter. If you’re curious as to what this looks like IRL:

That’s something, all right!

They’re a girl! And a mannequin! And … what the hell, man? This is reminiscent of Ubu (RIP); all they need now are random pop-up lives and a Twitter account for plastic heads. Does it even matter if they go that far? No.

And they play games on stage!

But are you ready for the coup de grace?

Idol never ceases to amaze me.

*Everybody knows that Oshi’s birthday is Christmas, anyway

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