Hot Damn, Zenkimi’s Teasing a Mashiro Solo Song

It’s on the two-hour rule, but of course we know how to get around that and holy crap why aren’t you listening to this song yet?

That’s the link. Tell Zenkimi and Mashiro how much you like it with #DyingCRY. And if you’re late to the party, click through for what you need to get into this sucker.

Okay. Download the preview here.


変! mY rOAD 傍若無人? ズキン 困難切った張ったった! プチん
そんなん知ったこっちゃって Guess what?
(Are you listening?)
寛容ですか? 盲目か? 批判 受け入れますが? と正直
誠心誠意のこれ攻撃 Why not Now?

泣き虫でも 強がりでも はみ出しでも 無問題
この夜が如何に”正しい”かを 誇れる Live or Die.

Ah 独り俯く 確かなものだけ手にしたいけど
さぁ…? 世は不平等 噛みしめる程に食らってるのに

いつも泣いてた 涙出ないだけ 心が封じてた
咲いてた? 言葉に出来ない想いを 抱いてた
あぁ…痛い? 痛くはないよ? 心配しなくていいよ?

間違いは此処に置いて 悲しみが側にいるように
彷徨って、何処に居るの? 世界は暗闇?

法則性に正当性? 睨む 金輪際”性”グッバイ
Maybe that’s light

Crying アイデンティティクライシス
Hide and seek and seek
Misreed? Memento mori

泣き虫でも 強がりでも はみ出しても 無問題
この夜がまさに”正しい”だけ 誇れるのは LIVE OR DIE

Ah 独り影踏む イジけた思想喰べる いとおかし
さぁ…世が不誠実 そのプロパガンダは もう聞き飽きた。

いつも泣いてた 涙出ないだけ 心が封じてた
咲いてた? 言葉に出来ない想いを 抱いたよ
あぁ…痛い? 痛くはないよ? 心配しなくていいよ?
聞こえる? 僕の声が

間違いは此処に置いて 苦しみが側にいるけど
たじろいで、そこにいるの? 世界中くらやみ?

Pure chaos. I love it. Moar pls.

Update: I have it on good authority (from our guy!) that the screams are actually Yotsu (not surprised), and that there will be solo songs for each member on the new single that’s now really an EP, kind of like how Billie Idle did with 4 in 1 last year. That’s awesome.

8 thoughts on “Hot Damn, Zenkimi’s Teasing a Mashiro Solo Song

  1. Not surprised if they have substituted one of the girls to scream instead of mashiro now, no point ruining your best singers voice I guess, shame tho I do think she has it in her.

  2. Codomomental really doesn’t fuck around. This should be a good year for them, it’s a great song!

    I also wouldn’t do screams in my own solo song (because it’s super demanding on energy too). So maybe Mashiro does the screams on someone else’s solo song?

    • honmmina is zenkimi in a nut shell tho, dyingcry or whatever its called is more like mashiro wanted to try a tsurezure cross over track or something, great song but not what I necessarily expect from them or want to have too much off.

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