Honoka Announces Departure from Minna no Kodomochan

Minna no Kodomochan has lost a child. Following an understandably emotional encore at their tour final Thursday night, Honoka announced her retirement from the unit. This was the first time Honoka had been able to appear on stage for the current national tour after a neck injury in July. Honoka assured fans that her physical state was good and her rehab complete, but she would still have to give up being a child.


Kodomochan management officially confirmed this morning that the group would be moving forward with Cinnamon

As for what comes next, the fifth song Minna no Kodomochan promised to deliver via their successful crowd-funding campaign is ready to be released on September 1.  The lyrics are by Honoka and it is appropriately entitled, “end”. 

Kodomochan staff admitted that, since they didn’t know how the tour was going to end, they hadn’t made any plans past September.  They’ve started to put together a new schedule now. Personally, I am more than a little curious on how the unit moves forward. While Honoka’s departure is a huge loss, they still have an impressive portfolio of groundbreaking music, and a young talent in Cinnamon who garnered positive reviews in her solo performances on this national tour.

It will be interesting to see how our back-to-back Corenament Champions defend their title in the coming year.