Homicidols Best: Papermaiden’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Here is my idol song top 10. I wish I had something witty to say to introduce my list, but I’ll bare my heart in each song’s description instead. I’d just like to say that with the exception of my top pick (somehow!), I have all these songs taking up precious space on my phone because I know I’ll never get sick of any of them. If I could get them into my body for easier listening, I would. That’s how committed I am to each item of this list.

Let’s get to it!

Papermaiden’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs

10.Den’ei to Shounen CQ, Ressha no tōchaku (L’arrivée d’un train)

The song that started it all between DenSho and I. Upon seeing that, first, it was a co-ed duo, second that the title referenced was the Lumière brothers’ well-known short film and third, that all the songs are from fictional movies soundtracks and the members travel within said movies, I was HOOKED. As the youth would say: “I have no choice but to stan.” My favourite part of this train-themed song is the “karan-koron” sound in the chorus, meant to be the sound of the train on the tracks. When I walk around In my neighbourhood, I often have to walk underneath a train track, and the onomatopoeia is very accurate to the actual sound of the train overhead, which always makes me think of this song!

9. Koutei Camera Girl Zwei, Lonely Lonely Montréal 

I love everything about this song, and it’s named after my hometown. On the list it goes.

8. ・・・・・・・・・, Satellite

The nearly 45 second build up edit beginning of this song is an absolute masterpiece. You could make the argument that it’s a very typical punk rock song rift, and you would be right. To be honest, though, it’s like my favourite rift and I would eat up any song featuring it. But that’s not why it’s in my top 10. The arrival of Dots changed the idol landscape in such a refreshing way and I am extremely glad to offer them eternal rent-free estate in my mind. I can never get enough of this song and its soft harmonies contrasted with the instrumental. Please listen to this song when you need a pick-me-up before confronting a difficult task!

7.  Maison Book Girl, Lost AGE

I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t mention Maison Book Girl at some point in my idol song top 10. Maison Book Girl is dear to my heart even if I currently don’t listen to them as often as I used to. Lost AGE’s beats make my heart drop and yet, this song also manages to comfort me. How? Probably because I have a lot of issues. Regardless of the aforementioned issues, it’s a song for the (lost) AGEs.

6.  Yukueshirezutsurezure, Shinjuku Cinema Connection

The song that made me discover the group dearest to my heart. It’s dreamy and aggressive. The high-pitched screams are one of my favourite things in any idol song ever and I wish we got more of them. Every single time Codomomental releases a song, I hope they put high-pitched screams in it. Does it happen? No. Will I stop wishing for it?

Also no! In the meantime, I’ll loop this a couple additional hundred times~

5.  Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, Heavenlyheaven

A recent song? In this top 10? Well, yes, I have to reassure both you and myself that I am not perpetually stuck in the past. Justification and jokes apart, I feel like Heavenlyheaven really encaptures the soul of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da. I don’t know if I would say it’s my absolute favourite by them, but I do love every bit of it and it has a solid place in my heart. Also, how do I say this? The vibes were right? Heavenlyheaven goes well with the number 5.

4.  Kaqriyo Terror Architect, Drying Party

I have had the chance to hear this song both live and recorded. I love both versions, especially considering the exact lineup that recorded this song never got to perform it in public; Nonamera’s original contract dissolution occurred 24 or 48 hours before the first release event. I love this song so much that I do not regret buying an absurd amount of CDs at the release event tour for it. Whenever it gets played at shows or comes up on shuffle, I get immediately fired up. I also really love the lyrics!

3.  Yukueshirezutsurezure, Gaga

Yep, I’m going there, two songs by the same group in the same top 10. There are no rules against it and even if there, I would forgo them because Tsurezure is just worth it. This anthem is amazing. The number three happens to be my favourite number, so emotionally I guess you could say that this is the true first of my top.  However, I have to be honest and give the top spot to songs that are more… practical and induce literal physical reactions within me. Gaga is an anthem that really pulls my heartstrings and tugs at the sense of belonging Tsurezure gave me. I also really like the choreography which I guess doesn’t really count as being part of this song but still helps it secure its place as number 3.

2.  Gang Parade, Plastic 2 mercy

It would be absolutely dishonest of me not to include Plastic 2 mercy on this list. Every time I listen to this song, my entire world becomes consumed by it. The first notes rings and my heartbeat adjusts to it. The girls start singing and I can feel the words etching themselves inside my veins all the way from my heart to my extremities. It’s a completely cathartic experience that makes me want to cry, scream and also just enjoy it all at once.

1. Nani’n’ Nerun?, okaimono wo tanoshii wa (Shopping is fun!) & Shoujo Kakka no International, mug

Shopping is fun by Nani’n’Nerun is probably the song I sing the most at any given time, to the despair of my wallet and my husband. It’s thirty seconds long, so it’s quick to learn. It’s relatable. I live for this song and its concentrated essence of pure happiness and chaos. Much to my dismay, it has been scrubbed from Spotify and YouTube in Japan, but it seems like they forgot the English upload, which you can access here.
Girls Excellency International also appeals to the well of chaos in my heart. No other group sounds like this. When Sokichi Osada said in his excellent essay series The Idol Suicides that  girls have this “[…] nature towards society ― their negligent nonsensicality, their utter purposelessness.” which allows them to give in and perform true chaos. I think this is true excellency and I really want to give in to that impulse in our world that becomes increasingly hostile in every single way. When I listen to mug by Shoujo Kakka no International, I get to bask in the chaotic destruction via kindness that I’d like to unleash on the planet. It’s a very welcome respite. So it earns the top spot on my top 10!

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