Your Homicidols April Fools Day 2023 Wrap Up

Idol April Fools Day is the biggest holiday of the idol year with the exception of Idol X-Mas and, of course, Idol Halloween. Groups were especially active this year, with the big trend being for the more traditional idols to reboot as metal and for our hardcore units to go trad. The best thing this year was everyone’s overall commitment to the jokes, so we had new music and MVs dropping all day long on April 1. 

Here’s some of the best Idol April Fools Day shenanigans we could find:

WACK announced that, following the disbandment of BiSH, Ayuni D will join ExWHYZ. Here’s a preview:

PassCode signaled a decidedly different direction with their yume kawaii new single, “Koisuru Cherry Tokidoki Hayinsho” (Cherry in love, sometimes hay fever).

They even got their major label to play along:


Owaranaide, Yoru of the never-ending night, have embraced the morning .

PLANCK STARS rebranded and renamed all of their talent. Notably, Emma Chacha is now know as The Devil in McDonalds.

Meanwhile, PLANCK STARS agency YABACUBE launched the new unit, April Eye Drop Neighborhood Association and dropped their debut single and MV, “TEPPEN★IDOL”.

They then immediately disbanded.

Shihatsu-Machi Underground went full on gyaru.

Chick-flick went gothic visual kei and put out this metal arrangement of “Strawberry Thorn Heart” that is SO good.

GARUDA looks different.

MAD MEDiCiNE decided to go ultra trad under their new name, Good Medicine!

Broken By the Scream transformed into a band in search of a vocalist.

NEMLESS and Moenyan teamed up to create a metal group called  HYOTOKKO AMERICANZ and dropped the single “HEAVY METAL DREAM” on Bandcamp.

Jiemei decided to ditch idol and become this awesome V-Kei band called 〜STARDUST MEMORYS〜.

HINAGIKU. went band formation as well.

The members of twinpale announced that they went for makeovers and somehow managed to completely swap looks.

In the adorable category, PIGGS launched a sister unit called DOGGS.

Wa-Suta decided to ditch the cat maid concept and go full-on, bad girl, chika idol.

NEON picked up WA-SUTA’s cat ears and rebooted as Neko Neko Panic!

Non¬Fiction offered to come clean you house for ¥0. Unfortunately, they are no longer taking applications.

Last but not least, menchika unit Secret Society NiRVERGE ∀ decided to become a literal boy band.

Then then disbanded upon the realization that none of them can play instruments.

This isn’t everything, of course, but those were the best Idol April Fools day shenanigans that we could find. Let us know what we missed over on the Homicidols Discord server.

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  1. Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU so much for this. I haven’t laughed this much for as long as i can remember.

    That’s cured my post Japan trip blues 🙂

    The funny thing is the music etc is all actually really good !! 🙂

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