Holy Shit, the New MIGMA SHELTER Is Awesome

I mean, MIGMA SHELTER was pretty much always awesome in the first place and you could be in some kind of time warp guessing which “new” track is so awesome, or awesome enough to warrant this kind of treatment. I’m talking about right now, though! Today! July 12, 2019! Holy crap, I’m … this many years old!

The re-formed MIGMA SHELTER has a single coming out next week. If you were wondering if it would be good, what’s wrong with you, but also wonder no more:

Team was chatting last night about Kai’s big solo release and how ridiculously good it was. Lots of superlatives were bandied about in that conversation, let me tell you! And yet I give this a spin and I start to wonder if we weren’t barking up the wrong Aqbi-affiliated tree, and

The only way to solve this is with pistols at dawn

I haven’t always been the biggest personal fan of MIGMA SHELTER’s work — just a matter of preference — but they’ve at multiple spots in their timeline now managed to put out something that just about defies my ability to sum it up, let alone describe my own feelings about it. Listen to this song: The arrangement is like something that Al Jourgensen would have put together for a kids’ album, especially when it veers into outright psychedelia. The sound is amazing, and the MV is just plain cool.

So give me some superlatives, especially after you look at Brian’s piece on Kai in half an hour. This matter must be settled.