Hold on to Your Butts for the End of the Month

NECRONOMIDOL may seem more unintentionally chaotic than usual over the past year, but they’re still going strong and are about to celebrate their seventh (!) anniversary on July 27. Not bad for a project that a lot of people not named Ricky Wilson probably thought wouldn’t make it to the stage, let alone global touring and distribution and stuff.

For that anniversary, a special video is coming our way. This is just a taste:

Entities of darkness! The underworld! Blackened thrash! This is going to be very good, gang.

3 thoughts on “Hold on to Your Butts for the End of the Month

  1. I did notice that they’ve had End of Days on their setlist, like… just about every show since Shiki & Toda Roa left… Excited for the mv, the song is great.

  2. Honestly the most surprising thing would be if they manage to make it through the month without another membership shakeup.

    Admittedly Necroma was one of the first groups to draw me into the alternative idol scene but I can’t think of the last time I’ve been interested in them for reasons other than their seeming dysfunction. Musically they just feel stagnant and not really at the level of newer groups though that could just be my own tastes having changed (spoiler alert: expect lots of situasion nominations when award season comes).

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