Hold Me: They’re Giving Kanra a Leadership Position in the Wrong Group

In this episode of Bury the Lede, we’ll discuss the least of the implications mentioned in this tweet from the soon-to-kind-of-not-be Bellring Girls Heart:

Yes, Kanra will– Why would you do that? DO NOT GIVE THAT PERSON POWER! I guess we’re about to find out just how much stomach people have for watching bugs get tortured on stage. Good golly. More details, and statements from Kanra and Tanaka, in this Natalie.mu piece.

Oh, right, the lede:

This is old news by the time this story posts; you may have this news by now and already died a little more inside.

Well, now we know for sure what New Bellheart’s going to look like: Kai and Reina and new additions (also please keep Kai away from Avandoned members). And we know that Kanra’s going to be moving on to maybe a more experimental project — I understand what Tanaka’s saying, I think, in that Bellring Girls Heart has always been “different,” but they’re still fairly well hemmed-in by musical norms, and they can’t just break out of that, so here’s another new project.

Kanra, as much fun as I make of her rather unique personality, is definitely right to be involved with and leading that.

The company’s roster is going to be extremely interesting going forward, too. Bellheart, even stripped down, is a known quantity; Yanamyu, despite still waiting to celebrate their first birthday, likewise has a signature and high quality; Kanra’s thing, even if it’s a little more out there, will probably still be enjoyable — and, for what it’s worth, I can’t see the apple falling too far from the tree because why would you split a popular member away from a successful effort just to do something that would be a financial longshot?

So, in a way, this is almost addition by subtraction. right? Kanra leaving Bellheart means more cool projects from the same general creative team. Or because it’s a new group and a whole bunch of new talent, it’s really “addition by addition because there’s more than subtraction and this is a bad metaphor, Maniac, and the subtraction is terrible stop talking about it.” Let’s go with that, actually.

In the meantime, go look at photos from the Spine EP art and hate the way the world works.

4 thoughts on “Hold Me: They’re Giving Kanra a Leadership Position in the Wrong Group

  1. All hail Queen Kanra.

    You know as much as I really hate to see one of my top favorite idols of all time leave one of my top favorite idol groups of all time, I expect this new project to be much crazier and more intense than Bellheart which I think will be awesome. Let’s look at the logistics. Kanra fans know she is the crazy one out the group. Her group color is not just yellow, but “crazy yellow”. She headbangs the hardest out of all of them. She’s the most animated and loudest. And she’s the designated water spitter during “the Edge of Goodbye”. Now she’s going to be leader?! Hell yes, my body is ready.

    • She also explains in the Natalie article: “With it being synchronized, I find it interesting that there will be a relationship of rivalry between the new Bellheart leader and the new group leader. With the new group, my degree of freedom in performance will be extended which was being restrained while in Bellheart.”

      Kanra unhinged.

  2. Pouring one out for Bellring as we knew and loved them, because that was a STRONG lineup, but looking forward to the madness that 2017 has in store.
    As for Bellring… *toes start tapping as the opening bars of Champs-Élysées swell on the breeze*

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