HKFC Titled Their New Album after What We All Really Need

Patrick snagged this one for the Idolmetal group, and though we have it listed on the calendar(!), it’s too good to pass up. Himekyun Fruit Can, big sisters of Fruitpochette and right at the top of the idol rock heap, have an album on the way for the day after Valentine’s. That’s, like, pretty much a year after their last (very good) album.

Idol rock group Himekyun Fruit Can on the cover of their A Kick to the Brainpan album

A Kick to the Brainpan (yes) will also feature solo tracks for Mai (who doesn’t age) and Honoka, with the songs composed by a whole slew of bands. More details here.

HKFC is a totally pro unit with a pretty long history at this point, so it’s always weird to feel like they’re relatively quiet compared to others, but then I remember their management’s bizarrely low-key approach to digital marketing, and I nod grimly because it’d be awesome to be able to see more of them.

This is their most recent; may this new kick to the head be at least as thrilling.

7 thoughts on “HKFC Titled Their New Album after What We All Really Need

  1. Man, some time ago I was thinking “should I give their staff a class about e-marketing?” because, they clearly need to work on that. Their twitter doesn’t have many followers and in my honest opinion Sakurako’s tumblr should be turned into something way more important in terms of content of view. Same with their youtube channel and the very little views their MVs get. Just imagine what it could be if they motivated their fans with some “let’s get more views” challenges. Like Passpo who posts dance ver. once 50,000 views are reached.
    They are such a great group with such a great potential and every live performance I see astonishes me (Mai’s voice is fan-tas-tic and when she sings Luck Out, I’m in Heaven) they deserve so much more!!

    • This is how I feel about pretty much everything out of Mad Magazine. dofphoto points out that nanoRIDER and Aicune are both in there, too, but you’d barely know they exist if you aren’t in/around Ehime and/or a fan of that specific company. I get that the latter two are more trainee-oriented, but come on; YouTube is free and can even make you money, Twitter is free, LINE is free, whatever. It just takes Give A Damn.

      • Mad Magazine is a fucking disaster. nanoCUNE/nanoRider had a big projection three years ago but still are like a new group, Fruitpochette should be the second big Idol-Metal group of japan (for senority and music) and AiCUne is an absolutely unknow group . I like the independent manners and the music style of the company, but they don’t know how to promote their bands.

        And sorry for my shitty bad english ^_^

  2. I feel like saying something bad about Mad Magazine but the truth is, these groups were (i cant remember the phrase Mattthecat told me) but they were local funded groups to bring in tourists. In the case of AIcune, their tagline is “Eihime only” performers. These groups grew beyond the capability of Mad Magazine just by the freedom they were given on social networks. As most of you know, nanoCUNE was my IDOL group and I watched them stolen by those fuckheads at Victory! records. Every single thing they did after was stripped from social media sites- Victory wouldn’t even let the Macho Man MV go up on youtube. Live recordings were stripped from everywhere immediately including an English subbed version of the mentioned MV I uploaded AFTER nanoCUNE disbanded. I guess my point is, MM isn’t concerned with making these groups a success, they are/were simply in this for the music.

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