It’s good to see that Daichi’s keeping busy during his retirement. We’ve heard it in snippet form, but now here’s “Seisan Kakkei” from the white version of HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI’s double single “±0”:

Tell me if there’s something that I’m missing as to why it’s called “equilateral triangle”

I swear it, Himegoto exists just to force people into those uncomfortable moments. Unless, of course, four minutes of unbroken eye contact with a complete stranger is something that you’re into. I don’t judge!

Here’s a message from the actor:

Now can we have a quick chat about this song? It’s a really good song. We seem to be throwing around the “sounds like something that Sakura Gakuin would do” thing a lot lately (why?), and maybe that’s kind of the case here, and maybe if not Sakura Gakuin then somebody along the lines of GEM or even Tacoyaki Rainbow if you tilt your head just right, but the point is that it — and a lot of other work that Daichi does for Himegoto — sounds perfectly nice and fine, but also has those weirdly menacing themes and dives into some unfortunate’s twisted psyche. But even taking all of that at face value, like, it’s a really good, straightforward song of the type that hits me right in the dang kokoro every time. If it were from a group with more exposure, there’d probably be some dang buzz about it.

And now, here we are, closing in on a year since the shocking announcement that Guso Drop was ending and Daichi was casting off his other management responsibilities to focus on more satisfying creative work. Chickeblo — which, gods help us all, is still really a thing — and Himegoto is doing nothing but picking up steam. Guso’s big challenge was growing beyond the chika scene and their regular wota; can Himegoto be the project that does it? Would Daichi even know what to do if that happened?

It’s worth paying attention to long enough to find out!