Hikicomoteikoku and Like a Whole Basket of New Stuff

This is what I get for holding off for a couple of days to post about something new from an emerging unit — even if I try to close the loop fairly quickly (by my standards these days), there’s the risk that whatever is good and hot and new is going to be superseded by more new stuff. And so here we are with everybody’s favorite shut-in idols, Hikicomoteikoku, who over the weekend dropped a new song for us as just part of a whole package that apparently extends all the way into today.

The song:

Lyrics? Lyrics!

I think

That song is absolutely all over the place (anybody else get a slight “i kill” vibe from it at first?) and I love it. It’s a pretty clever composition, actually, though maybe asking for just a bit more coherence with all of those disjointed melodies. Unless that was the goal, in which case: Gangbusters.

There’s also a new artist photo (see banner) and have we talked about how you want to join their fan club? And, just this morning, this teaser dropped?

It’s perfectly good and fine to be excited about this group!