HEY WAIT A MINUTE! We never talked about scribble scritch!!!!

Man, what is up with us?!? We’ve been gushing so much about how much we all love ELECTRIC HEARTS, (Which is 100% totally justifiable.) that we never really wrote a proper profile of their sister group, scribble scritch! I went back and searched the site, and while Daemon had the good taste and keen insight to include their “DROP” MV in a weekender back in August, there’s still no dedicated article to this damn near perfect punk-pop-idol outfit from Osaka, and that’s kind of unforgivable! (I’m blaming myself in this too.) Well, that ends ends today, buster!

Since we’re on the late bus with this, chances are mighty good that you may know these ladies already, and that’s great! But I also think some you haven’t, because I feel pretty certain you’d be ranting and raving at us for not covering them sooner because Holy Moses are they terrific.

As it stands at this exact moment, the group is a trio made up of Nina, Suzuna, and Erina, hailing from the Osaka area under the Shindentsu Production banner, which as mentioned before is also the agency that represents our favorite idol group with paper bags on their heads. (The agency also has a third group, and duo called HANAMUKE, who we’re also watching out for.)

Musically…well, tell me to shut up and post the MV already!

Okay, check your pulse if you didn’t love that!!! The song, the choreography, the quick-cut editing in the MV, the attitude, this is what we don’t get enough of: Fresh, high-energy punky pop that thankfully skips the phony edginess and sets the fun level up as high as the volume. I watched this video about six times in a row and it only got better!

Oh, and they’ve got a Soundcloud account with short song previews! Check out the neo-60’s girl group vibes from “TELL ME WHY?”

Okay, that seals the deal for me!

I’m getting excited not only about this group, but the energy I’m getting from the whole entire Shindentsu Production operation.  I’m not gonna tell you what to do… oh wait, actually I am… keep an eye out for scribble scritch because this has the right amount of flammability to catch on big! Wiki, wiki, wiki… (That was my impression of a scribble scratch noise.) 

scribble scritch twitter            Official website            Soundcloud