Hey! Go Get These Other Excellent BiS Songs!

Thank the gods for some down time! I’ve been dying to get a few minutes to really catch up on some of the excellent things that happened in idol this week, the latest couple of pre-album track releases by BiS among them. Friends, they do not disappoint.

First things first, if you know what’s good for you, take advantage of the fact that you can download these things and have them:

Should you need additional convincing (like, if the last one of these pre-releases didn’t have you absolutely twitterpated), just listen to these suckers. I will warn you, though, that this is music of excellent quality, one of which will threaten to put you in the hospital.


Ah, see, this is the one that gets the radio play, though

It’s way too early to say if this iteration of the iconic group — which is now so far removed from its two prior eras as to practically be a completely different thing — will make the same stamp on the fandom, industry, culture, whatever, but I’m very comfortable saying that this may be the most musically interesting era for BiS overall. I’m almost afraid of what this album could accomplish.