Here’s You’ll Melt More!’s Mannequin Challenge

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s been a weird-ass week, and I’m not the only person to notice that. In fact, I originally wanted to apologize for a lighter post load (a bunch of work and social obligations all collided) than usual, but then I realized that very little of interest (other than Zenkimi and BiSH, I guess) even happened, and thank goodness for the 100 Days of Tsurezure to even populate the ol’ blog feed.

But now that’s all in the past. My work obligations are met, the social stuff has slowed down*, and it’s sweet, blissful Friday. I could think of no better way to commemorate that fact, that about 10 consecutive days of way too much to deal with and very little time to tackle it was over, and now I’m looking forward to some great stuff, than this great and literally months too late Mannequin Challenge video by You’ll Melt More!:

There wasn’t any reason to do it, even! Maybe you finally had a good idea and wanted to show off, I don’t know, but PassCode won the idol side of the competition pretty much from the jump. And, again, it’s so late in coming! I get that they’re promoting discopsychedelica, but they could’ve done a lip sync cover of “Call Me Maybe” and it would’ve been just as topical!

Wild. Anyway, I have a good feeling about today. The Fun … please prepare your art-making tools, as current events and extremely photogenic idols are colliding at just the right time. Among other stuff. Fun. Good. Friday!

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