Here’s the Full MV for Ayukuma’s New Single

We already kind of bagged on ayumikurikamaki for sucking the fun out of themselves on “Tabidachi no Uta,” so there’s no need to re-hoe that row. Let’s just sit around this campfire and enjoy the video together for a few minutes:

Ironically, this is blocked in Japan!

I had to upload this myself, and it may be taken down. Why? Because geo-block! What’s your excuse, AKM? Most in this boat just don’t have the resources to get around the YouTube Red issue on a monetized channel; you’ve just plain opted to not make the video available in at least one country. WHY DO YOU HATE US?

I’ll just go ahead and re-state a comment from the previous post: We can be a little annoyed because this isn’t really the AKM that we know and love (and I’ll be honest and say that, if it were anybody else, I’d probably give it crap for being safe, predictable idorock), but it is still perfectly competent anisong, and it is in fact a song for an anime, and it was probably agreed to well before it was written, so there are all of your things put together.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pour bleach into my eyes to try to unsee my poor, sweet, precious baby bears turned into hideous human forms.

3 thoughts on “Here’s the Full MV for Ayukuma’s New Single

  1. They look so sad. Lovely as they look as humans I do hope they’ll be able to turn back into their kuma-chan form.

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