Here’s That Screaming Sixties Collaboration We Were Warned About

Collaborations are one of the things that make idols fun — whether it’s your favorites mixing it up with other idols or taking the stage with a band, you know that you’re getting something both familiar and unique at the same time.

Last year’s Collaboration of the Year winners (well, half of them), Screaming Sixties, had warned us that they were going to be connecting with I love you Orchestra, and here are the results:

Thanks, Jul!

Zekkyou’s chunk starts at about 1:10, and it’s just a short clip, but it shows off part of why people love them. Or, I guess, what the people that love them do to show it, like doing sit-ups en masse on the venue floor. Because that’s normal, and also everybody’s jealous of Kai’s six-pack.

If anybody has additional footage of what we should all agree should be called Zekkyou I Love You, please share it.

Also, what I said before about them getting a head start on winning the collaboration award again for 2017? Already off to a great start!