Here’s That BiSH Live You’ve Been Waiting For

Hot damn, you guys, this is good times. I used the occasion of BiSH’s announcing this show (with live broadcast!) to complain about their having been quiet for a while — as truly a First World problem as has ever existed — it was with a generally low expectation for anything really coming of it. That was stupid! Of course people were going to record it!

This sucker is worth settling in for; I’ve seen my share of BiSH lives over the past couple of years now, but this might be my personal favorite stage of theirs, starting off with a bunch of the songs of theirs that I hold in highest esteem.


Where to even begin? Their kicking off the set with pure fire? Ayuni D looking like she’s in full control … while liNGliNG just lurks around the stage like some kind of demented screaming spirit? The fact that they look absolute friggin’ amazing with the additional styling?

This is it, by the way. “Maniac, what exactly would you want your idol project to be like?” is a question that I don’t think anybody’s ever asked, but the answer is me pointing to this video. Perfect music, perfect setting, great crowd (that is, not all BiSH fans), crushed performance, outstanding visuals. The only difference is that I’d only do it with a full-time backing band. Somebody forward me the seed money, please and thanks.

Oh, and because this was IDOL VS. VISUAL, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include some of LSN, too. So here’s them doing BiSH:

And because that uploader’s an amazing human, here’s their covering BiS’s “Fly,” which is an amazing song that I don’t think gets enough credit (including from me!).

What a way to kick off Thursday Hurtsday, you guys.

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