Here’s PassCode’s Full ‘bite the bullet’ MV

This is nice! I was hoping for something new/ish from one of the bigger players in the scene today, just to keep things interesting if nothing else, and PassCode, bless your heart, you delivered.

Because this is via Facebook, there’s none of the region blocking of the YouTube version, which I’m sure is also nice:

Thanks, John

If you’re one of the (fairly large) number of people who bought “bite the bullet” when it released last month, you already know the song well; if you aren’t one of those people … well, the song is basically “MISS UNLIMITED,” just a bit heavier and structured a little differently.

The video though! I always liked the way that PassCode’s video work seemed to either tell me a story or paint a picture; whoever’s directing these last couple has shown very little concern for such niceties. “bite the bullet” is particularly random! Like, is Hina committing suicide? What’s up with Kaede and the car? Yuna on the rooftop? Nao in the arcade? Suddenly they’re in a field and we go to the slo-mo finish?

Or maybe I’m missing something, which is entirely possible. It doesn’t matter! If this is what PassCode’s going to keep releasing while on Universal, they’re going to continue to be out in front of this whole loudol business and a major point of attraction for fans.

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  1. Cheers for the Facebook link. I saw the Youtube video in my subscriptions, and then of course it wouldn’t play here. It’s as if they ‘re telling me to get back to work instead of watching Youtube at the office!

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