Here’s NELN’s Entry for Song of the Summer

I’ve been on the lookout for good summertime best-of candidates around the idolverse the past few weeks — our pal N.FENI sort of stole a lot of that thunder though — and frankly coming up kind of short. Am I crazy? I feel like it was normal in the past for even the alt/chika scene to get a few good candidates (even if they were piss-takes) into the mix, and this year just not so much. Pandemic? Olympics? Everybody forgot how calendars work?

Anyway, not a whole lot has happened this week, but our well-loved pals in NELN did drop an album the other day (stuff we know, though), and along with it a new single that … no, screw it, I already ruined the pun.

We love NELN ’round these parts and gleefully championed their year’s worth of releases with full knowledge and acknowledgement of all that was within, so take it very literally when I say that I don’t give a rat’s hoo-hah that under most circumstances we wouldn’t publish anything about a song like this and might not even mention it. Too nice! Too idol-y! Too soft and sweet! And it is! But it’s also a summer song, and also it’s NELN and we know what they’re capable of. Just enjoy the thing and think summery thoughts, people.

Also because I want this post to be longer, here’s an interview about the album: