Here’s Minna no Kodomo-chan: The Band in Action, Officially

This started off as a Weekender thing until I had that sudden sinking feeling that I hadn’t brought up 2018 Corenament champion and all-around great pair of people Minna no Kodomo-chan, and even then it was just going to be a throwaway post until — gasp! — I went back to read up on what the real hook should be and remembered that not only had Everybody’s Children promised to go full-idols-plus-band-entity, but that this might be the first time that was put to video, like, officially.

In overall context, that’s a big deal! I certainly thought so, a take apparently so hot that it’s still burning its way toward the earth’s molten core (where it belongs). Which is profoundly stupid, because a) everybody likes when idols play with bands and b) there’s nothing about the permanent inclusion of live musicians on a stage or in the studio that in any way obscures the experience of idols doing idol things, and certainly not so for the audience, and c) if you’re ostensibly a music fan, having more music in a performance is probably a good thing.

Anyway, seeing as how I come down very hard on the side of Minna No Kodomo-chan As A Band Is Going To Be A Good Thing, and also because I am a very rambunctious supporter of one of the low-key best acts in chika idol, here’s that good thing in action:

Caveat: I did not watch the entire thing. The idea of having an uninterrupted hour is nice, but hilariously infeasible. Hence, there was some skipping around, and I may have missed something. BUT … this was pretty cool. It wasn’t earth-shaking to have Hono and Cinnamon with a band (they’ve done it plenty of times!), but what it did add was different elements — depth, if you will — to the live experience, a little bit of a realignment to account for the shifted polar orientation. In fact, if we just focus on comparing the apples between the two fruit baskets and leave their size and the fact that one isn’t so much a fruit basket as it is a whole Pepperidge Farms gift package that happens to include fruit, you wouldn’t be that far out in left field to say that Minna no Kodomo-chan is playing a very Babymetal stage game now. That’s pretty cool.

In a just world, they’ll be taking over the world. Because we do not live in a just world, I’ll handle their becoming big enough to take this show on an all-Japan tour.