Here’s a Cool Fan Review of Kamen Joshi’s Latest Single

Or, more specifically, the receipt and unboxing (so to speak) of “Personia / ISUMI,” which just barely failed to make #1 for the Mask Girls’ second consecutive chart-topper, but is still pretty good.

This is from Indonesian fan of the site Rino:

This is the fourth single from Kamen Joshi. Initially, I wanted to buy one CD of Indies idol group. At that time, I was confused to buy which. Incidentally, Kamen Joshi released a new single titled Kamen Tairiku / Isumi. To answer my curiosity, finally I decided to buy it. It took about four weeks to arrive at my house. I bought it on February 6.

Read the whole thing. Is this how your experience with ordering, receiving and then finally digging into an idol record goes, too?