Help Solve This Incredible Mystery

One of the really fun parts of being a non-Japanese idol fan is trying to come to grips with something so far outside of your own cultural experience. Yes, one can always draw parallels to something familiar, but idol as cultural phenomenon is often almost incomprehensible to Western minds.

So of course the collision of two countries’ pop culture phenomena would give me a friggin’ headache.


Somebody out there must be in the know about this. I did some searching of my own because I had to know what this was all about, and I found a ton of merchandise listings on Amazon and the like, but there was basically zero context. And many listings were expired! The posters and shirts and whatnot were out of stock and out of print! Some of this stuff was going back to 2013!

I’ve seen all of the Despicable Me movies. Mrs. Maniac and the family on her side of things? Awash in Minions stuff. It’s possible that I’m missing some plot point or something; it’s also possible that up is down and left is right.

Somebody, anybody, if you know the origin and reason of this incredible thing, please share!

3 thoughts on “Help Solve This Incredible Mystery

  1. Where’s that photo from? The lowercase i is particularly unnerving. I don’t know much about minions, but Googling reveals that apparently it’s normal for that one to have the Gang Parade G on his overalls. *blink, blink*

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