Help Me Figure out a New Dumb Thing to Do

Were you on Twitter yesterday when this happened?

Or immediately thereafter, I guess? I got a lot of feedback, all of it completely agreeable, and the reason that I say that it was agreeable rather than “a bunch of nice ideas!” or something is because, as I shortly thereafter explained:

That point, for what it’s worth, is that I’m easily amused and gave myself a good laugh while taking a break from this unceasing conference. I was thinking, what could possibly be a meaningfully long-term, meta, dumb-to-the-point-of-poignancy project that would be pure Internet noise? Like, something that wouldn’t take over the site, and something that wouldn’t necessarily distract from other things, in fact something so dumb and ultimately a mere annoyance in the broader landscape that we’d be able to run other games and whatnot against it and miss absolutely nothing? And yet, to the casual or completely new observer, it would seem to be of the utmost importance?

Maybe I’m giving up too much information without giving up enough for it to make sense. At any rate, if there were to be a daily look in on a particular idol or particular group, who should it be? The following have been suggested:

Sorry, I was being kind of lazy and didn’t add art; I’m still at work a thousand miles from home, okay?

You can nominate someone else, too, but be warned that it’ll take a lot of write-in votes to topple the couple of current favorites.

2 thoughts on “Help Me Figure out a New Dumb Thing to Do

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  2. As someone who follows a lot of artists on various social channels, I’d say BiSH are about the only ones who consistently post fun stuff, but that’s mostly just the photos and videos. …and mostly only if you’re already a BiSH fan. I dunno what I’m missing out on by not translating everybody’s text-only tweets from every group, though. A thousand words and all that.

    This won’t always be true, it wasn’t even true a couple of months ago, but at this current moment, *Gang Parade* seems the busiest. They’re doing like 3 shows a day. Once they finish their tour, I’m sure they’ll relinquish the throne to Oyasumi Hologram again. You already know a few of the GP members are worth following individually for their antics, too.

    Most folks in the know would probably agree that Beni from Avandoned takes the best selfies in general, and Ano from Ymm is maybe the most compelling.

    Outside of the alt-idol world, I’d probably say ironically Mirin from Dempagumi Inc, who posts pictures of cheese toast every day, and unironically Nemu/Tanuqn (who is a green teddybear who screams at people and makes them smile.)

    TL/DR my answer is Bed-inn 😛

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