Hell’s Bells! Bury Rocks

Can I just say for a second that Soundcloud is great but also depressing? Great: Idols will sometimes use it to make tracks publicly available, completely for free on both ends of the equation, and it can be almost as helpful as YouTube (if you figure it out) when it comes to finding new stuff; depressing: not enough idols use it, and seeing total numbers of plays that barely crack the triple digits can and will make your heart weep for the try-hards who really just want you to listen to their work and dig it.

I can vouch not in the least bit for how many plays this will get, but I can say that you very well might dig it:

That’s Bury! That teaser stuff they had before had promise, and this is more of that, and I’ll be damned if I don’t think that I want to follow them ever more closely for it. Terry and PIH were chatting about it yesterday: Rough? Yes. But good kernels, and from kernels grow vast fields of corn. Or, if planted in my sun-starved garden, wee stalks that never really get all the way to fruiting, for shame.

But. I’m going to keep Bury on my personal lookout because, as I think we all know, even the tiniest of the indies can still produce some gods-blessed magic.