Hell on Fire, EIMIE

One of the more enjoyable but oddly unsung (’round these parts) units in idol the past couple of years has been EIMIE. Granted, I missed a big chunk of their emergence last year, but in the intervening time it’s been interesting to watch what used to seem like a fairly straightforward rock unit turn into something more. And in their latest, “something more” seems to be a genre-less x-core monstrosity that I send to half the people I know with various emoji to accompany it and I get back a range of responses (most no worse than neutral!) also via emoji, and then somebody does the cry-laughing thing and outright says “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT”. My kind of track.

Anyway, the latest! Dropped in rough conjunction with their band-accompanied one-man a week and change ago, and really just all kinds of fun. I meant to share it much sooner, but it’s not too late! Consider it fresh and full of rapping and even references to an MC and also chunky and loud and heavy and I’m kind of in love with it.

Just get to 2:00

It’s not the most sophisticated thing ever, but only dorks don’t want to be occasionally kicked in the stomach and then pounded on by a deeply frustrated gorilla. And frankly this tour de genres is kind of inspiring — who could have guessed that you could cram that many different styles into a single track and somehow make the continuity work out? It doesn’t need to be Mozart to hit the right notes, you know?

Now “FAKE” here happened because … it’s the new year and it’s time for a new song? I could’ve sworn that I saw something about a new single next month (so you do the math from there) but now I can’t find it.

Whatever. Get hype anyway.