Heaven Help Us All: JyuJyu’s Got Plans

About a week ago, I had tweeted pure, raw excitement over this event — JyuJyu! Necroma! Uh, Dance for Philosophy! And others!(?) — that was going to be all incredibly dark and spooky and ARE YOU UNMOVED BY THE FACT THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN?

Anyway, it ain’t much, but JyuJyu unleashed a pair of new songs onto the world and announced their first one-man (with this lineup, at least). May all gods dark and terrible protect us.

And, like, this happened:

That’s a lot of darkness in one photo. I’m still kind of mad that “Noroi Hajime” didn’t win Video of the Year.

The extent to which you all were unmoved … I am disappoint

Happy stupid Monday.

3 thoughts on “Heaven Help Us All: JyuJyu’s Got Plans

  1. I’m extremely sad that JyuJyu’s one-man live and BiSH’s Nevermind tour finale are on the same day… I need to figure out how to be in two places at once!

    • If I remember my teen sitcoms accurately, cloning is an option, but you have to be careful to not accidentally bump into the principal or *gasp!* the cute classmate you’ve always had a crush on.

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