Hayasaka Nanse Has Some Harsh Words For the PTA!

You totally know Hayasaka Nanse even if you don’t recognize her name right away. She was a member of the legendary (at least around these parts) Shoujo Kakka no International, i.e. one of the most groundbreaking and seminal chika idol units of all time!  Yeah sure, they never got “famous” but they certainly made an impression that still resonates with the idol underground. At the time, Nanse went by the stage name “Fukumaru Mochi”, and shortly after that group disbanded, she became known as DJ OMOCHI when she joined up with, yep, you got it, the beloved rap-idol unit RHYMEBERRY! See, I knew you knew her!

When RHYMEBERRY came to an end, Hayasaka Nanse didn’t join any new groups, but she didn’t fade away either. She maintained her social media presence and streamed live fairly frequently, stating her current role as a vlogger personality and voice actress. (Two frequent post-idol career paths.) And while I don’t fully expect her to entirely brand herself as an idol again per se, it’s very pleasing to see she still records new music on occasion, and now has even graced us with an MV that fits appropriately within the Homicidols canon.  Are you stoked yet? Well, you oughta be! Let’s check it out!

You liked that, I know you liked it! It’s everything about why you read this blog! It’s a punky, rocky, attitude-driven blast of rebellious energy-packed spontaneous combustion packed into 3 minutes 24 seconds. And for me, what makes it work is that it’s clearly fun for the sake of being fun, which is what saves it from the frequent trap of forced-edginess that kneecaps so much “alt-idol” (ugh, tell me to never type that again) under the weight of unintentional self-parody. Over time I’ve gotten kinda burned-out on a diet of “idols” flipping the bird and swinging barbed-wire bats, but Nanse gets a pass for being more self-aware of the silliness of it all than most. She’s having a blast here and it’s a great diversion for all of us to enjoy. I’d even be willing to interpret a meta quality to the whole thing, but mostly it’s fun… did I mention it’s fun yet?

As it turns out, the song, “Fuck you P.T.A.” does not refer to the “Parent Teacher Association” , but is actually referring to “People Terribly Annoying”. (Boy, tell me about it, amirite?) This tune is also a cover, composed by one Nashimoto-P., who I gather is a well-regarded songsmith on the vocaloid scene, utilizing Hatsune Miku vocals in the original version. Here’s a video of the Nashimoto version right here!

There’s also two follow-up videos to the MV up now, the first of which is a making-of for the video shoot…

And a little more recently, here’s a behind the scenes look at the studio recording of the song…

Anyway, do the world a big favor and follow Hayasaka Nanse on her social accounts if you don’t already, and maybe even let her know you enjoyed the song and MV. Perhaps she’ll treat us to more fun times (and harsh words) if we deserve it! 

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