Have You Met DIABLE VOIX Yet?

If you haven’t, this is as good an intro as you’re going to get:

Now, to fill the question mark-shaped hole in your thought process (possibly!), that’s Haluka, who, if you’ve been around for a little while, was half of the only iteration of Lolisyn to date to have really mattered. Following her and Hiro’s bizarre, out-of-nowhere-and-yet-meticulous disbandment by PAC, she drifted around for a minute before joining the short-lived Mizuki Rin (ex-Lyric Holic) vehicle Psycho Predator, which … well, either you have an excellent memory of things that have shown up on Homicicol Dot Com a time or two, or you’re a truly dedicated denizen of the chika scene, or you’re part of the vast majority of human beings who have no idea what Psycho Predator even was. Halu, I think, was mostly brought on to bring fans, only for her to apparently take over the whole thing, whereupon Rin disappeared and Halu was left holding the bag.

A short blip of time later, Halu had managed to re-craft herself into yet another project, DIABLE VOIX (Twitter), which is what you just experienced. There’s only so much of raw underground idol that any one person can digest at once, but Jul and a few other folks out there who keep up with things that I don’t, they’ve unwittingly been the information heroes for DIABLE VOIX, among others, and so I’ve been able to keep up with this project and some others at least a tad. Frankly, knowing how things usually go in this corner of the Idolverse, I could neither be more shocked nor less encouraged to see that Halu got an MV out there to promote the work a bit.

Will it ultimately go anywhere? Who knows! It’s going somewhere, obviously, as this is the project’s second single. Maybe the MV will be part of a launchpad to bigger and even cooler things.

2 thoughts on “Have You Met DIABLE VOIX Yet?

  1. Diable Voix are coming up to their 1st Anniversary soon. Apparently the stuffed owl Penne is the 2nd member now… Another group from the same management “Alive to Rainy” appear in that PV and have a PV of their own on the same channel. And Lyric Holic Noir should be starting soon. Diable Voix (and Lyric Holic) have an online shop, but it ships to Japan only: http://diable-voix.net/onlineshop/

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