Have ANotherЯ Idol of the Literal Living Dead

Well, I was about halfway through doing my own version of this (in draft mode since Thursday, so shame on me anyway), when I saw that John had all the detail aligned in a more up-to-date thing anyway, so go let the man educate you. Me, I’m just glad that Waka is in fact doing things.

Also, the odds of me typing out “ANotherЯ” very often are low, so expect to see lots of references to “AN.”

So a while ago in the Facebook group (Alternative Idol) I mentioned that another idol group was being put together. I know, I do that quite often. Information so far is pretty scant, but I will do my best to let you know everything.

via That Is New To Me: A.N.otheЯ — Straight From Japan

Also, I recognize that I left my chance to title a post “Thank You Sir, May I Have ANotherЯ,” no need to remind me