Hauptharmonie’s Juno Is out for Revenge

This is a cool little video.

Back in 2015, when they were still pretty new and dressing like my mom did in the 70s, Hauptharmonie participated in this … idol battle? something at Tower Records under the auspices of the company’s own T-Palette label. As the video shows, Juno went on a roll in the arm wrestling.

Kaede from Negicco had like 10 years on her at the time and lost in seconds. Brutal

Until her terrible, humiliating defeat.

If the video (that I don’t completely understand) is to be believed, Juno’s been training in the art of the samurai to finish what she started. She will not be denied.

Standing in Juno’s way? Just the two-time defending champion:

Should be fun! The arm wrestling’s going to be part of this event next weekend, with T-Palette artists and friends. Even without the physical challenges, I bet it’ll be a good time.

Also, JyuJyu’s going to be there. Is it cheating if you levy weakness curses on your opponent?

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  1. As Long as there’s meat involved in the prize, i don’t see UpUpGirl’s Moritty losing. Toughluck for Juno (She is a 3Dan Kendo practitioner, hence the vid)

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